Monday, July 18, 2011

Rolling With The Punches

Hello to All!
  Well it has been an action packed few weeks since we have updated everyone.  Tyler was supposed to go to survival school last week but had a hang up with his flight physical and they wouldn't let him go until it is sorted out.  Turns out that he is a little too tall according to the Army's requirements and requires a special waiver to fly.  He had to be measured in a helicopter to make sure he would fit (he does) and so now we are just waiting for the doctor to sign off on it and he will be back in training.  The next class will start either August 1st or August 8th so he should be able to get into one of those.  In the meantime he hasn't been doing much other than going to physical training, meeting for a couple of required "check ins" and studying.  This week and next week he is helping out at a course for senior Army leaders and gets to sit in on some of the classes, an opportunity that he is excited about.  Today a few officers from the Pentagon spoke, as well as the top general in Army Aviation, so he enjoyed that.  This past weekend it rained almost the entire time, so we just ended up going to nearby Dothan, AL and shopping, as well as playing some card games with friends Saturday night.  Tyler has been working on building a small apron hanger for Shanonn as well as a pen/pencil holder for his desk in his free time.  Kahlua has been good but has been sad she hasn't been able to go to the Bark Park and has been going a little stir crazy. Tyler takes full-advantage of antagonizing her at every opportunity, which actually is funny.  We're both doing well! Thanks for the recent phone calls to check on us- we miss you all!

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