Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Moving forward

Tyler has officially ended his course in Instrument readings and will begin BWS (Basic Warfighter Skills) on Wednesday. This will teach him how to fly like an Army Aviator in different situations. It's a four week course, then when that is through it will be onto the Blackhawk course! It's strange to think that our time has gone by so quickly and we are over half-way through our time in Alabama. It's a great feeling to know that soon we will be back in Oklahoma with our church family though! We definitely miss everyone there. Then Shanonn will only be a few hours from her family, who she has missed being around, especially the past couple months.
Other than the class change, everything is pretty much the same around here! We hosted a party for the military members at our church on Saturday, which turned out to be really fun (and delicious!). Hope all of you have been doing well!

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  1. We are definately ready for you guys to come back!!! We have missed you lots.