Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Life in Boxes

Well Hello to All- 
          We are a little bit behind since we finally got Internet today.  We will try to cover as much as possible about the past two weeks or so.  We left Oklahoma City on May 9th with a loaded down Lexus, and a Dodge Ram that was definitely full pulling a U-haul trailer loaded to the max. We got everything packed in somehow though!! Except the box springs to our bed (but more about that later). We drove to Memphis on the first day and it was mostly an uneventful drive, since they decided to open Eastbound I-40 because most of the flooding had cleared.  We stayed two days in Memphis with Shanonn's Aunt and Uncle and spent some time with her cousins and their two little girls.  We had a great time seeing Beale Street, the super flooded Mississippi river and yes, we even went to see the King (Graceland of course!).  We then drove to Birmingham and stayed one night before finally arriving at Fort Rucker on May 12th.  Tyler signed in and started in-processing (a very disorganized process) and we looked at a house on post and decided to live in it.  It's a 4 bedroom 1.5 bath house that is pretty nice (except for the 70's throwback bathrooms) and it has two storage sheds, which Tyler is excited about.  We spent the first full day and weekend in-processing and unloading the trailer/unpacking. We had 4600 lbs of household goods! We also went to Dothan a couple times, since it's the nearest "big" city and got some essentials that we needed in order to get settled. Then, finally, on Saturday we went into Enterprise and bought the box springs for our bed! This was definitely an experience because we had to take the Lexus, so the box springs ended up being strapped to the top of the car. We're trying to fit in down here for sure.  Monday Tyler started class and more in processing.  Tuesday Tyler had a PT test and did more... you guessed it... in processing.  Tomorrow he should start actual class.  The house is coming along, still a little more unpacking to do and of course, decorations to hang. Kahlua is also doing well, she's found some doggie friends next door and likes the wooded area located behind the house.
So there's our first official update! Hopefully the ones from now on can be a bit more detailed and less lacking in the details. Watch for pictures- coming soon!!

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  1. You better take care of my puppy! Glad you guys made it safe!