Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Settling In

Hello to all!
      It has been a few days since our last post.  I'll just pick up right where we left off.  Saturday we made the drive down to Panama City Beach, FL.  We didn't exactly know the best way to get there so it took us a little longer than planned (about 2 hours) but we made it!  We decided to go eat first and ate at Margaritaville and shared a plate of Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos.  Tyler actually ate the fish and enjoyed it! (he doesn't ever eat seafood).  After that we decided to hit the beach for a bit and Tyler did some body boarding while Shanonn jumped the waves.  The ocean was extremely rough that day (red flags) so the adventure was somewhat short lived.  Panama City Beach has a very nice Pier Park with lots of shopping and restaurants so we walked around that some and drove around the area before heading home.  Sunday we attended our first church services since moving.  The church here is smaller than we expected (around 100 members) but everyone was very friendly and it is predominately people who are retired military or work at Ft. Rucker (or are both).  Sunday we also did laundry, which was a bit of a hassle since we don't have a washer and dryer yet and have to use a local laundromat.  Monday and Tuesday were pretty much normal days.  Tyler in class and Shanonn doing chores around the house and looking for employment.  Tyler is currently learning how to identify different combat vehicles as well as some aviation and general military doctrine.  Next week he has his first test so he is starting to devote some time to studying.  He has also been building some shelves and straightening out his shed to create a little wood working shop.  He'll post pictures when it's all done.  Wednesday Tyler went to class while Shanonn painted some shelves for one of the rooms.  We went to church again and met even more people, including another Lieutenant who is going to be about 2 weeks behind Tyler in school, so they should have a lot in common.  This weekend is a four day weekend for us with Friday and Monday off.  We plan on going to Montgomery to see the sights on Friday and to Destin, FL on Saturday to see the beach.  Sunday and Monday we will try to get some stuff done around the house, including hopefully building Tyler a desk for studying.  Well that's about all for us right now.  Tomorrow is our Friday and then off to have some fun!

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