Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Field Week

Hello Everyone!  It has been a few days since our last posting.  Last week Tyler had a busy week of studying and classes.  He took two tests and is now done with his testing for this portion of his training.  He has  3 more weeks of Basic Officer Leadership Course and then he will move on to the next block of training.  This week is his "field week" although he'll be home every night.  So far they have done a land navigation course and some classes on weapons and convoys.  Tomorrow their class will convoy to and from the weapons range and qualify with their rifles.  The next day they will be qualifying on pistols.  Friday there is a change of command ceremony so that is throwing a hitch in the schedule, but it means a short day for everyone.  Monday he will finish up field week with some more convoy exercises.  Last weekend we stayed around the local area with a trip to Dothan, Al to shop and eat and hanging out with friends around Fort Rucker.  Tyler was also able to finish his desk, so he now has a place to study.  Shanonn has been looking for jobs and hanging out with new friends as well as taking care of the house.  The house is finally looking in order, although some of the rooms are lacking in furniture since we have gone from 1 bedroom to 4.  This weekend we plan on going back to Montgomery to see the Rosa Parks Civil Rights Museum and see the town for the day.  It's looking like Tyler will get a four day weekend for the 4th of July so we might be going on a trip then.  Kahlua is doing well and just got a new small rubber tire looking toy which she has been enjoying.  I think that is about all that is new in our lives, hopefully we can get everyone an update after this weekend.

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