Sunday, June 5, 2011

Long weekends

Hey Everyone!!
     Sorry it's taken so long to get updated!! With all the little things we've been keeping up with, the blog ended up at the bottom of our list. No worries- we're back!! Things are still going really well. Tyler's schedule is mostly the same, with the exception of a few days of either getting out early or late. Shanonn has gotten the house set up and everything finally has it's own place (even if we don't know exactly where that place is!). We've been hanging out with 2 couples from church who are also going through flight school, so that has been a definite blessing for us! We had dinner and a game night Saturday night with them and that turned out to be lots of fun, for sure a night filled with laughs! Sunday has been pretty boring around the Sharpe household today- Tyler worked on building a desk, then Shanonn helped him paint it black. It's looking pretty good so far and Tyler is looking forward to finally having a place to study that isn't a workout bench.
Memorial Day weekend was good as well, Tyler was out of class Friday and Monday, so the extended weekend was nice. Friday we went to Montgomery, took a tour of the Rosa Parks children's wing, ate THE BEST ribs... EVER at Dreamland BBQ, then looked around the city at all the beautiful buildings and did some shopping. But, the big event for the day was getting our new washer and dryer!! They're wonderful and so much more convenient than going to the laundromat. They came mid-morning Friday and installed them, started a cycle, then we were off to Montgomery for the day! When we came home, we walked into a kitchen filled with about a quarter inch of water. The guys that installed the washer had cross-threaded the water to the actual washer, so it was shooting out water when we walked through the door. Thanks, guys. Saturday was spent in Destin, FL at the beach and driving around town. As great as it may sound, the beach was terrible. The water didn't look very clear and when we got in, there was seaweed, kelp and not very many waves to body-board on. The rest of the day was spent driving around Destin, looking for other beaches that might be better, but didn't seem to find any. Sunday we went to church, then to the Ellis' for dinner at their house and some fellowship. Monday was filled with errands and relaxing.
That's us for now!  Now that the place is cleaned up, (hopefully for good) we should be taking and uploading pictures soon. Thanks for checking in!!
P.S.- Cara Melvin- I hope this gets e-mailed to you!! Let me know if it works.

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